Character Trait No. 13




Definition:  Meeting a need or a chore from a different point of view.

     “And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect.”  Rom.12:1


The world crushes pure creative people into its mold.  Lockstep, march, march in unison!  Yet Peter said that Christians “have escaped the corruption that is in the world by lust.” The entertainment world, as represented by Hollywood, is pervaded by this lust, and panders to the sensual indulgence of man.  Satan warps all creativity in style, art, architecture or music and so on through men’s lusts.  Pounding bass beat, plenty of crudity and naked human flesh openly revealed are now praised as the “cutting edge” of creativity.  Yet it is really all mind-numbingly the same – always descending to the lowest common denominator – fleshy pleasures and abandonment.


Check out Romans 1:18f, which could be entitled:  “The Descent To Sodom”.  Conforming and compromising with the world’s ways actually destroys the true creative spirit in man, because it ruins the moral character.  A disciplined mind well-trained and pure of vice provides the necessary tools for creating good things such as poems, songs, inventive scientific devices or whatever. Creative energy is derived from powerful personalities sustained by God’s blessings of a good mind and healthy strong body.  Such a creative drive is sustained by having absolutes – unchanging values that are based in the ultimate reality, the Creator God Almighty, as revealed in the Bible. Notice how many inventions and new ways of doing things have arisen in Bible based free societies.


Freedom is also essential to creativity.  Not freedom from God or essential truths, but liberty to follow and explore all the truth.  Open honest dialogue in a free society that accepts both God’s sovereignty and the authority of His Word will produce very talented, creative individuals who make a difference.  Conversely, repressive, closed societies stifle the creative spirit.  Look alike, think alike, act alike robots are produced within totalitarian states such as Communist China or Shintoist Japan.  “We are all Hindus, Moslems, Buddhists in this country” is the mentality that all Arabs are Moslems, all Indians are Hindus, all Greeks are Orthodox, etc.  No liberty of conscience and personal convictions is permitted in such rigid tradition bound societies.  The death penalty for proselytizing is on the books of most Moslem nations!  The must fear that any rational and careful inspection of their beliefs will shed too much light on them.  What cowardliness!  Satan, the master puppeteer is gleefully pulling the strings of billions of world conformists.


Dare to be different! God makes each person as a unique individual.  Rejoice in your particular characteristics and talents.  Diversity is interesting and lovely when according to God’s plan.  Just as each fingerprint varies, so does each persons personality.  No fingerprint, iris(eye) or voice pattern is exactly the same.  Thus security providers utilize these unique signatures for newly invented personal recognition technology.


Remember that God loves the ONE lost sheep.  The state or majority must never destroy the inalienable rights granted by the Creator.  YOU MATTER!  YOU COUNT!  Christ died for each individual, every person.


Here’s some tips for developing creativity in your life:

-         See yourself as a unique, special wonderful child of God created by the Creator to also be creative like you Big Daddy in heaven.

-         Be curious.  Keep learning.  Then try doing something old in a new and better way.

-         The statement, “Its never been done before”, only proves that its never been done before – not that it is impossible.

-         Make mistakes.  Swallow pride.  Try again!  Learn by doing and trust God’s grade for honest errors made along the way.  Enjoy the journey, not just getting there.  What do you learn from each trial and error?

-         Work on composing songs, poems, short essays.

-         Learn a new skill” Musical instruments, computer,  sewing, tie & die, etc. Take an art class, study French; learn English or Twi, basket making or a cooking class.